Spa2U passionately believes in the goals of Wellness through massage, aromatherapy, Shiatsu and centuries old Balinese and Javanese healing techniques. Spa2U has even developed a full range of spa products using only natural organic ingredients. Spa2u. A unique spa service delivered to your door. Spa2u.

The concept. At Spa2u we believe that it is fundamental to our wellness and healing techniques that our clients are as relaxed as possible when they receive their spa therapies. And many people can only relax in the more familiar surroundings of their own villa or hotel room,. Where they feel most at home - where they can undress in private and don't have to worry about their possessions during treatment. And where, after treatment, they don't have to get dressed and face the traffic again.

That's how Spa2u was born. A unique spa service that brings the best of wellness and spa therapies and techniques to you, wherever you are staying. Where you are at your most receptive to treatment. Spa2U is constantly training and managing the spa team of highly skilled therapists and equipping them with everything they need, including portable massage tables and the highest quality spa products for different massage therapies, healing baths, body and skin treatments, facials and even manicures and pedicures. All at your place So get the full benefit of one of the world's great spa gurus delivered right to your door.Just call and and book a date and time most suited to you.

Spa2u will be there for you. CALL +62 882 1921 6521/6522 The world's best spa, wherever you are. Spa2u Truth in Beauty. Personal spa treatments for you. Spa2u has designed a range of spa and beauty products that use only natural organic ingredients, like virgin coconut oil, herbs, spices, fruits and flowers. The products are created to enhance the natural radiance of all body types and complexions. We call them Truth in Beauty.At Spa2U our home delivery massage service means that you can get the fabulous beauty and massage treatments that Bali is renown for in the comfort of your own villa or hotel. Our staff bring everything needed, including professional massage tables and towels to ensure your treatment is truly spa quality, wherever you are. ‚Äč